About The Author

Perhaps the first thing to know about Warren Henry is that he’s not 160 years old.

This is despite his life so far involving 8 years in navy counterintelligence, 24 years as a private investigator, 11 years in hospitality, 8 years as a life skills and management trainer, 24 years in winemaking and export, 2 years film production, 28 years as a musician, 7 years sailing, 11 years instructing martial arts, 7 years as an aviator, and 15 years in motor sport. He considers his most interesting role has been 28 years as a parent. He’s managed to squeeze in a lot of other things too.

Warren’s life has been one of curiosity. Curiosity about the fascinating world in which we live, and our amazing human journey through time. This is why he is so passionate about writing of the things he’s noticed along his life journey.

Warren lives with Julie, his wife of 23 years in Avoca Beach, New South Wales, Australia, and has three adult children.


Warren Henry